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Abu Dhabi Judicial Department confirmed its keenness to empower women in all jobs and sectors. The number of female employees was 641, including 50 women in leadership positions. The judiciary has 14 female judges and prosecutors, and 627 female employees are 22 women. Five heads of departments, two lawyers, five assistant advisers in government affairs, and two administrative directors.

On the other hand, the Judicial Department pointed out that the number of members of the local judiciary in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has so far reached 14 judges, assistant magistrates, and prosecutors. In 2007, two female judges were appointed as the first female members of the judiciary in the United Arab Emirates United States. Less than a year later, a woman was appointed to the post of primary judge and was the first female judge in the United Arab Emirates. In 2009, the first female magistrate was appointed. She pointed out that the participation of Emirati women in the judicial authority in Abu Dhabi constituted a qualitative addition to this important sector, where she proved her competence and ability to carry out her work duties and provided the best image of Emirati women in positions of responsibility.

The department added that the department's initiatives in the empowerment of women were not limited to purely judicial functions, but were extended to all sectors, including those that were exclusively male. In 2010, a woman was appointed as the first authorized woman in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has announced that it has started offering its general tenders and soliciting the offers of the suppliers through the Electronic Procurement and Contracts Management Program, which allows all stages of the procurement cycle to be carried out electronically from the process of ordering materials to the payment of their value. To register suppliers electronically. Noting that this step comes as an update to achieve its plan to shift towards electronic services and smart and support the business environment through the adoption of paper systems, and save time, effort, and expenses on the parties to the contract.

The department confirmed that the new electronic system contributes to expanding the supplier base in the department and opens the field of competition between suppliers in participating in the tenders that they offer, which has a positive effect on the quality of the materials and their prices. The e-Tenders and electronic registration systems can provide suppliers and contractors inside and outside the country to register and submit their tenders. Electronically. In addition, the system allows the administration of procurement and contracts in the Department of Justice to inform the suppliers dealing with the tenders offered by each field of work and type of service provided, and to receive the Department of quotations and observations from suppliers through the system, and review the purchase orders issued to them, Participate in any tenders submitted by the Department.

On the other hand, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department stressed the need to update the companies supplying their data through the supplier registration portal on the website of the official department. The companies wishing to deal with the department register in the supplier register on the same portal. The tender will be provided according to the competence of each supplier. Download the documents electronically through the supplier's portal.

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